Why Should We Practice Yoga? #2

Why Should We Practice Yoga? #2

Recently, the Indian media was abuzz with the news of how an influential business family in Mumbai went on a leisure trip with the help of some allegedly corrupt politicians and officers in violation of lockdown rules implemented to prevent the spread of deadly corona virus. The ordinary man, oblivious to the illusion and pathos in human life, goes about in the pursuit of little pleasures, in the momentary love and happiness, in the short-lived glory of power, in the effort to hold on to things which must be given up sooner or later. The effect of illusion keeps him unaware of the continuous changes which are taking place within and without him. He refuses to accept change; gets habituated to a particular environment, modes of living and pleasures; remains in the grip of anxiety for fear of losing the objects and experiences; and continues to do wrong things at wrong times. Theoretically he may be aware of the consequences of his actions (Moral laws of Karma) but has no realisation.

Karma and Re-incarnation

Klesas (Misidentification, Ego, Attraction, Repulsion and Fear of Death) are the underlying cause of Karma generated by desire, anger, delusion, greed, arrogance and jealousy. According to Yoga Philosophy, the Purusa or the Seer goes through continuous series of incarnations reaping the fruits of these thoughts, desires, emotions and actions done in the past and the new causes which will bear their fruits in this or future lives. Karmasaya, the causal vehicle or the reservoir in our inner constitution, serves as the store-house of the Samskaras or Impressions made by our thoughts, desires and actions. It’s a cosmic mechanism that records all our actions during the course of evolution extending over many lives and provides patterns and contents of the successive lives. What we are today, our social standing, our expected length of life, the pleasant and unpleasant nature of our experiences are the results of this Karma. The results of actions rooted in Klesas will be known immediately or later.

The wise man who has developed discrimination (Viveka) by practicing Yama, Niyama, Vairagya and Dhyana, will clearly see the Reality hidden beneath the unreal. To him all life is misery and its illusory happiness merely a sugar-coated pill containing only pain and suffering hidden inside. He will be conscious of that suffering that’s yet to materialize and will try to avoid it at any cost.

-End of Part 2-

Yogrishi Sai

|| End of #2 of Why Should We Practice Yoga? #3 is coming soon! My thoughts are influenced by the tradition of Sri Krishnamacharya and interactions with fellow teachers. Copyright reserved ||


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