The Art Village

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Innovative & Stimulating teaching methods

The Art Village


The Arts village is a company founded by Mrs. Lakshmi Vijayendra. She curates and develops courses for Adults and children centred around wellbeing. Mrs Lakshmi has also established a Pre-school called Shishya Nursery at Bangalore. She believes that before a child is introduced to formal education, they have to first experience art, music and dance.


  • Involved in running a Pre-school since 1997.
  • Rich experience spanning over 25 years in education.


  • Academic background in child psychology.
  • Owner of Shishya Nursery Pre-school.

Specializes in

  • Montessori Learning
  • Innovative & Stimulating teaching methods



 To ensure social distancing we allow only a group size of upto 5 people into the premises. The session areas are regularly sanitised. Do take advantage of the special COVID discounts & offers by our listed educators.